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About Us

Welcome to the innovative German–Australian Business Alliance!

As the official Queensland State Partner of the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, iGABA promotes, influences, facilitates, and supports business, trade and investment within and between Australia and Germany. In particular, iGABA inspires and guides innovation and business aspirations in selective domains by facilitating German-Australian commerce, collaboration and communities.

Commerce | Collaboration | Communities

With a regional (Brisbane, Queensland) focus, but national and international in its outreach and impact, iGABA amplifies conversations and opportunities by bringing relevant stakeholders together, being a source of credible information and leveraging strategic partnerships. iGABA is an agile organisation recognising the changing nature of priorities and requirements, contemporary with its portfolio of activities and dedicated to creating relevant and sustainable impact with a strong commitment to nurture and grow a strongly connected network of members.



Get to Know Us

iGABA was established on 21 October 2021 as a merger of the legendary est 1983 German Australian Business Association and the est 2015 Queensland Chapter of the German Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK).

As the official state partner of the AHK, all iGABA members including individual members will benefit from AHK membership updates, member-rates for AHK events in Queensland and AHK webinars.

You can read the  Memorandum of Understanding between
the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) and the innovative German Australian Business Alliance (iGABA) here. The MoU was signed on the day of the iGABA launch on 21 October 2021 by Christoph von Spesshardt (AHK) and Leon Stephan (GABA). The signed copy can be requested by iGABA members at any time.


"GABA" - Our History

GABA stands for German Australian Business Association, founded in 1983. Read below milestones along the way to the creation of iGABA in 2021.

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