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Welcome to the
NEXT GEN Business Hub

About Young iGABA

Uniting entrepreneurs, young professionals, graduates and students for shaping the future.

Young iGABA is an energetic community of rising talent, emerging leaders, and future game changers. We are dedicated to shaping and benefiting from the growing German-Australian business and trade partnership. Our vibrant platform fosters connections and collaborations among students, graduates, young professionals, and entrepreneurs. Through engaging events and activities, we cultivate a robust ecosystem and facilitate knowledge sharing and collaborative ventures as part of the innovative German-Australian Business Alliance.

Young iGABA stands for . . .


energetic community of rising talent, emerging leaders and future game changers


enables young people to thrive in the industry and make a difference


connects the next generation with industry leaders and vice versa

Meet the Team

Step into the spotlight and share your voice with us

Welcome to our platform, where young professionals and entrepreneurs take center stage to address cutting-edge topics in the business world at our events. Our mission is to provide them with an opportunity to captivate an industry audience, sharing fresh insights, exchanging ideas, and transforming perspectives. Join us on this exciting journey of knowledge and innovation, as we foster a community dedicated to driving positive change in the business landscape.

Sarah Christin Reichmann

Chair of Young iGABA

Young iGABA is for you if . . . 


you are <35 years old.


you are enrolled

at a university.


you are in your

early career stages.

Embark on an incredible journey with our inspiring community - and here's the best part:

you don't need to fulfill all of the above criteria, just one is enough!


Become a partner and reap the benefits of enhanced visibility and exclusive networking opportunities at our engaging events. By supporting Young iGABA, your organization will reach a diverse audience of industry leaders and young talents, positioning itself as a key supporter of innovation and progress.

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