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AI in Recruitment

Our next meet-up is coming up!


Are you curious about AI and its potential to supercharge your business or work? 


Sunny van Angelsen will share her journey of starting her own recruitment business, the challenges and rewards along the way, plus valuable insights into the latest trends in the recruitment sector. She will also discuss the importance of coaching, strategies for staying motivated and tips on preparing your CV for the AI-driven job market.

When? 18.7.2024 at 6pm
Where? The Precinct, Warrar Room
Level 2/315 Brunswick St,
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

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Past Meetups

Demystify AI: A Powerful Tool for Growth


Are you curious about AI and its potential to supercharge your business or work? 


This exclusive workshop, capped at 20 participants, offers a deep dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence.
What you'll learn:

  • The latest advancements in AI and what's on the horizon.

  • Understanding the fundamentals of how AI works.

  • Unlock the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT. Learn how to craft effective prompts to get the most out of these tools.

  • Why you need an AI strategy to amplify your company's strengths or elevate your personal skills.

  • Interactive Q&A session to address your questions.

When? 16.5.2024 at 6pm
Where? The Edge Innovation Hub South Brisbane, Digital Media Lab

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About our Speaker: Simon Beuse

Simon Beuse is PhD candidate from Germany who is passionate about understanding how digital technologies like AI can fuel business growth.  Leveraging his almost 10 years of experience in IT and management, Simon has worn many hats -  from IT Manager with experience across Germany, Australia and the US, to leading international IT projects.

His research delves into how firms can leverage AI to achieve rapid growth. This fascination with the intersection of technology and business led him to create, a blog offering insightful advice and free initial consultations on AI adoption and strategy, specifically targeted towards small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Simon's enthusiasm for tech goes beyond just research and consulting.  He actively seeks out knowledge by attending industry events and understanding the challenges firms face regarding digital transformation.  His core belief? Many companies simply lack awareness of the possibilities that digital tools offer. Through his work, Simon aims to bridge this gap and empower SMEs to harness the power of technology effectively. You can read his blog here.


Discover Young iGABA: A dynamic community of rising German-Australian talent where you can connect, collaborate, and shape the future of business relations between both nations.
Learn about the Australian German Research Student Network and the GOstralia! Research Centre: Expand your network and gain valuable insights through informal sessions, social events, and opportunities to connect with industry leaders.
The workshop concludes with a complimentary first round of drinks at a nearby bar, sponsored by GoStralia Research Centre! Don't miss this chance to gain insights and ask questions on how to study or research in Australia and Germany and join a vibrant community.

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